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Handmade Stringed Instruments for Traditional Music

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Hand Made Bouzoukis - Model SBB

The Standard Bouzouki or SBB has a great sound with the characteristic Bouzouki top end and clarity. The deeper body accentuates the bass end and gives the tone a full richness with excellent projection and sustain.

A popular variation of the Bouzouki is the Octave Mandola SBOM, also called the Octave Mandolin. This instrument has a slightly shorter scale length at 58cm, and therefore has a slightly shorter stretch for the left hand. And also the Tenor Mandola SBTM, with a scale length of 50cm, is great for melody playing.

Standard Bouzouki - SBB - Scale length 65cm
Octave Mandola - SBOM - Scale length 58cm
Tenor Mandola - SBTM - Scale length 48 - 50cm

Standard specification:
Top - European Spruce
Back and Sides - Indian Rosewood
Neck - Brazilian Mahogany
Fingerboard - Ebony
Bridge – Ebony
Saddle & Nut - Bone
Machine Heads - Gold-plated Gotoh SG301
Tailpiece - Solid Brass
Adjustable truss rod

Standard Body Bouzouki SBB - £2460.00
Ocatve Mandola SBOM - £2460.00
Tenor Mandola SBTM - £2460.00

Machine Head upgrade to Gotoh SGL510Z - £80.00

Bouzoukis - Model SBB