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Handmade Stringed Instruments for Traditional Music

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You may have noticed that my instruments are not fussy. Well, that’s how I like them! Simplicity and clean lines are my signature. For me, the most important aspect is functionality and performance. The instrument you buy is after all the tool of your trade, and consequently it has to work consistently if it is to be able to perform at the highest level. Every element of the instrument has been thoroughly tested and evaluated, and is the result of a process of continual development and improvement.

My construction methods differ in many respects from more conventional instruments. I recently made a photo build diary illustrating many of the techniques I use. Please click on the link below to follow the construction of a Bouzouki from start to finish.

Rosewood and Cedar SBB Build Diary

Also click on the links opposite for more information about the design, specification and woods used in the instruments.