Bouzoukis – Model LBB

Hand Made Bouzoukis – Model LBB

The Large Body Bouzouki or LBB is probably the most popular model of instrument I make and gives an extra dimension to the sound. The top end retains its clarity, separation and definition, the mid range and bass have added depth and power while the projection and sustain of the instrument is superb. Great for accompaniment it is also perfect for sessions.

A popular variation of the LBB is the octave mandola (LBOM). This instrument has a slightly shorter scale length at 58cm, and therefore has a slightly shorter stretch for the left hand and is great for melody playing. I also make a 10 string version which allows for an extra pair of strings which can be tuned to a low D. This extra course gives the instrument a really rich and deep tone.


Large Body Bouzouki – LBB – Scale length 65cm
Large Body Octave Mandola – LBOM – Scale length 58cm
10 string Large Body Bouzouki – LBB10 – Scale length 65cm

Standard specification:

Top – European Spruce
Back and Sides – Indian Rosewood
Neck – Brazilian Mahogany
Fingerboard – Ebony
Bridge – Ebony
Saddle & Nut – Bone
Machine Heads – Gold-plated Gotoh SG301
Tailpiece – Solid Brass
Adjustable truss rod

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