February 2018 – Yossi from Israel

I don’t often have finished instruments staying around in the workshop after they’re ready. Usually when they’re finished and ready to go off to their new owner, they’re away! But at the moment I have a finished Cedar / Rosewood SBB which is being collected in a month or two. Then Russ in Bristol sent me his LBB for a service, which I last had in for an MOT about 8 or 9 years ago.

It was very fortunate then for Yossi when he flew over from Israel wanting to try out a couple of instruments as he was ready to upgrade to something better. I first spoke to Yossi just before Christmas when he mentioned that he’d like to come over.

So after a long flight, an overnight stop in Luton and a long drive to Herefordshire Yossi arrived yesterday, and after a quick cup of tea was straight down to the business of trying the two contrasting instruments out and deciding which would be best suited for his playing style.

Well, after a long play of both instruments, a break for some lunch, then some more playing Yossi decided that an SBB in Cedar and Rosewood would be the best way to go. That combination will give you a lovely clarity and definition, a more traditional Irish bouzouki sound, a brilliance in the top register but with that characteristic Cedar warmth and colour in the tone. We also spent a long time talking about the finer details and specification, scale length, neck dimensions, profile, string separation etc.

So – all in all a good day!