March 2018 – Seánie McGrath’s LBB

Seánie got in touch a while back to talk about me building an LBB. He already has an SBB which he loves, but this commission was to be a special instrument, a very personal handmade bouzouki. He wanted to include some woods from his fathers home in West Clare, namely some Yew, Ash, Sycamore and Bog Oak, which he had cut small sections from, dried out and then and sent to me. Now, these aren’t known as ‘tonewoods’ so they were going to be used decoratively around the instrument. So after a wee bit of thought, we decided that the rosette could be from the Bog Oak, the front and back of the headstock could be veneered in Yew with a decorative inlay from Bog Oak and Sycamore and the heel could be from thin strips of all 4 woods.

I really enjoy projects like this, and I really enjoyed building the instrument. Seánie also wanted a LR Baggs Stagepro Element pickup fitted to the bouzouki, Gotoh SGL 510 machine heads and flame maple bindings. And so here are some photos of the finished instrument – oh, and it sounds pretty good too!!